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Our Story

A family business on a mission to lead the world to wellness. We wanted to introduce our city to a better way of eating and incorporating this miraculous cbd oil into our daily lives. As a self-trained Vegetarian/Vegan Chef, I've spent more than 30 years perfecting wholefoods based  infused recipes and formulations.   In early 2018, I created a superfoods menu for casual smoothies & tonics (served at our pop ups and storefront). And we just added my secret private menu built around cuisine made with our own organically grown cbd oil (THC FREE). Our new secret tea room menu  is vegan & vegetarian and largely gluten-free and can be made with or without infusion. We have meticulously sourced the highest in quality ingredients to offer a full spectrum of organically grown and/or sustainably produced organic sugars, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and our own house blended cbd oil. Choosing local ingredients, community farmers & small suppliers when available.

Our entire menu is made with love, peace, harmony, balance. Enjoy!